Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's STILL Wednesday! Just because it's 8:30 pm doesn't mean crap. So therefore I can still post this. I started a post this morning on this and forgot about it only to realize I didn't finish it and then it went into draft. Okay...sooo..this one is gonna be short...just a couple pics.

So here's the desk today. This actually isn't my creation, this is Breana's and she was having a good ol' time playing with paint. She actually didn't make much of a mess this time.

And just because she's so stinking cute, here's a picture of my sweet little Breana.

Okay, so you saw my entry for WOYWW, go over to Julia's blog to see the rest of them.


Julia Dunnit said...

She is cute. Oh how sweet. My baby is 16 now, so pics like thismake me catch my breath! YOur desk is looking fab, I've had a very good rummage....what's in the little roundy top bottles next to the alcohol inks? And the can pf's not their for cleaning purposes is it...why then? A twilight ticket....a LOVE template(?) hmmmmm, trying to build a picture of you. Will nose over your entire blog now!
And by the way - never too late to post you can see, takes me till Thursday to visit, is all!

Anonymous said...

Lots going on here, a great desk to rummage around. I think the little bottles Julia refers to are Dew Drops, I've never used them do you like them? Cute little sweetie pie!


Paula Gale said...

She is such a sweetie pie... I love her creations, maybe she should have her own blog!!!

I like the idea you've done with your stamps by labelling the side with the colour rubbed on - thats clever because of course you can't tell side on which is which.

Paula x x x