Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hand Soldered Ornaments -Listed on Etsy!

I finally finished them! Yay! They are now posted in my shoppe so you can check 'em out. There's only 3 but I plan on making quite a few more depending on the feedback I get. I'm also available for alchemy so if you'd like something custom, just let me know :)

Here's a few pictures of them, front and back. Hope you all have a great Thursday!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soldered Christmas Ornaments--in progress

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted! School has officially ended for the semester. That means I have a few weeks to myself. I really need to get artsy, I feel myself going insane and it'll be some good therapy.

So, I've been having fun in the midst of our kitchen floor re-do. If you haven't seen the pics, add me on Twitter, my screen name is ntynda, and you can see the floor in mid-install. Anyway, so while I have to wait for the pieces to be cut to size, I have been sneaking away and assembling some soldered ornaments. The pictures I've posted are of them at this stage. I still have to finish the Santa one and then solder the jump rings to the tops. I thought maybe you'd like to see them while they're in factory mode. Lol.

This one is 2"x2". The girls are printed on transparency film and placed over vintage music paper. I didn't take pics of the back but it is the same vintage music sheet with a few snowflakes embossed in clear. When I get them in my Etsy shoppe you'll see them in full detail.
This one is a 1"x3" on frosted glass. I think that's why the picture is coming out so blurry. The image is printed on transparency film and placed over a vintage book page. This one has the embossed snowflakes on the back as well.
This is just as simple Santa image on a painted background that I made.
This is a ring that I made last month that I forgot to post. It is made with craft wire (don't ask me what gauge) that I hand wrapped. The foliage is from Tim Holtz.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the lighting in my "studio" (i use the " " because I still don't feel like I can call it a studio. It seems so professional to me, but my good friend Audrey keeps forcing me to call it that, I try) is crappalicious. I definitely need a ton of Ott lighting.

Anyway, there's my post for the night. I hope to come back tomorrow with the finished pieces but I'm not promising anything. Nothing gets done when I make promises.

Hope you have a good night!! I'll be dreaming of Christmas decor!! Ha!