Thursday, June 4, 2009

Challenge Cancelled For This Week

Hi everyone. Sorry about this Wednesday. I had sooo much going on and it completely slipped my mind. I did get 3 great submissions in for the challenge. I love that some people are willing to do it too! I started mine but actually never finished it with how much I've got going on lately but I will get that done and post it anyway. Since it's already almost Friday, I figured that's already 2 days late from the challenge date and so I decided that this week's challenge will be cancelled. If I get everything done this week that I've been trying to get done then by next week I will have bunches of free time to play and do the challenge. Sorry to anyone who was waiting on me. That's all for now but I did want to show you the great submissions I got for last week's Fruit challenge.

Pat Doughty's Submission

Lori Hassler's Submission
Allie Gower's Submission

Aren't they all fantastic? Thank you so much girls for sending these it. You are such talented and awesome ladies!!