Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Day

Today has been such a lazy day. We tried so hard to think of something to do but nothing really came to mind. Finally we decided we'd go to Oatman to walk around and enjoy the decent weather. It was nice even though there were tons of people. I didn't think such a small town could attract so many tourists. If you don't know where or what Oatman is, you can click here for a little bit of history. Basically it's an old ghost town. The aura is so awesome. Such nostalgia. So after we went there we pretty much went home and enjoyed the rest of the day outside with the kids. Very relaxing.

Artistically moving on......

There's still 3 more days to get your challenge submissions in before the next one arises. I really hope to see a bunch of fabulous art that I can drool over. I've already got in one submission from the ever so sweet Allie Gower. But you'll have to wait til Wednesday to see it. Neener neener. Lol. It's a beautiful piece for sure.

Oh, and thanks to the ever so talented Audrey Hernandez, I now have discovered Sunday Postcard Art. They have awesome theme challenges that should get me on my toes with creating. I feel the itch a lot and now I'll have a reason AND a solid theme to go with, which should make it much easier to get some stuff done.

And last but not least, I finally make my Flickr Group for the Weekly Wednesday Challenge submissions. I would absolutely love love love if you joined. The group is public so it's open to anyone. I think it will make it much easier to showcase all the lovely art. The group is public, however, I do require that you accept the terms of the group before joining. It isn't anything elaborate though. All I ask is, if you're going to submit a photo into the album, please do this ONLY ON WEDNSDAYS. This will help to keep your beautiful creations a super surprise until the deadline date. So make sure you place it in the album (only on Wednesdays), or email it to me and I will get it into the photo album for show on Wednesdays. Sounds good to me. Hope to see you all join!!

Nighty night!


audrey h. said...

Okay Natalie......I am waiting on your 'numbers' piece for Sunday Postcard Art, LOL. I will be back later to look at it ;0) Hope all is well. Take care.