Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun New Things Happening Here!!

So, the last time I posted, I was showing you a print I did on fabric. I've yet to make anything using it. The kids and laundry have had me busy almost all week! So I'm still going to make something, I just need to let things simmer down a little and then get to it.

So, what's going to be going one here that's new you may ask? Well, first, I am going to be introducing my "Weekly Wednesday Challenge". Basically it's just the same as any other challenge. I make up a theme or a technique, or something of that nature and then you have a week to create it. Some of the weekly challenges will include prizes but you'll find out about that later. I'm thinking, not only will this help increase traffic here, but it will help me have a goal (or I should say deadline) to actually make something. There always seems to be something holding me back. Because OF COURSE I will be participating in the challenges as well!

The next bit of new I have is very exciting to me!! It will take a bit of time before the fun actually takes off, but I am so very pleased to announce that I will be offering my very own line of RUBBER STAMPS!!! Yay!!!!!! Like I said, it's going to be a bit before they're set out for sale but yes, this is my exciting news! I plan to offer a variety of eclectic, mixed media style stamps. From vintage faces to old time places!! They will be sold in "plates" as opposed to singles. I may offer them as singles later on down the line but as of now this is the way I'm gonna go. I already have printouts of some of the stamps that will be offered but for now it's a secret, so stay tuned because I may give a sneak peek!

Moving on......

It's Wednesday people and time for the very first challenge. before I post the challenge, I want to inform you how to submit.

You will have one week from the challenge date (Wednesday to Wednesday) to turn in your submissions. All I ask is that you either scan or take an up close image of your artwork. Then, just email me your submission at and I will post all the submission up in my soon-to-be gallery (don't worry, it will be up by next week). That's all it takes. Pretty easy right? So here's your challenge.

Create a 5x7 piece of art using this image:

Isn't it pretty?! I just love it. Much thanks to the Flickr group, Collage Images, for providing the image. So get crafty!! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!!