Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loving Tim at 4

She could possibly be the youngest Tim Holtz fan I've ever known. Or maybe she's just my Yesterday I was making some more grungepaper flowers for the swap and Breana came in and asked me if I needed help. I told her I didn't but she could play if she wanted. She asked me if she could stamp. How awesome! My little munchkin wanting to stamp. At 4! So I got out some stamps for her, you know, the ones you usually give your kids...the ones that aren't super duper expensive. The ones they can't ruin?!?!??! Lol. Well, she obviously knows better because once I gave her the "cheap" stamps, she said "No, mom, I don't want those ones. I want the ones you use." So yeah, I gave in and let her use them. She must be watching me when I stamp because she knows just what to do AND how to clean the stamps afterward. My fear was gone. Lol. After she got her stamps of course she needed ink. I told her I had some ink for her and I took out the (once again) "cheap" ink in all sorts of colors and gave it to her. She said, "MoooOOmm, this isn't the right kind of stampy ink!" and I said "well then what do you want" and she came out with this, "you know what kind I need! I need the Tim Holtz (she pronounced it Holes, lol) Stress Ink!"

I laughed hysterically! How does my kid know all this. She must be spending too much time with me watching you tube videos. Lol. This made my day. And just so you see her in action, here's some photos after I gave her the "good" stuff...


inge bekaert said...

Hello Natalie,

great sweet story about your daughter !

I work with children, handicapped children, but I experienced that children can learn a lot, even things people don't think they already can.
Just believe in their power to learn and teach them in steps how to do things.

So cherish your creative daughter and learn her all your tricks and techniques !
The way she holdes the stamps and the inkpad proves she ready for it.

My mother gave me a lot of freedom to experiment with all kinds of stuff, even her sewingmachine and that's the reason I now have a wide range of skills and love to be creative.

I did the same with my daughter and she's now at 16 years old, following artschool...

I know there are "artistic" genes in my family, but they need the chance to be developped.

So, give your girl all she wants to be creative and have fun together !

greetings from Belgium