Monday, April 27, 2009

I <3 GrungePaper!

So I'm participating in this fantastic swap in my All Things Tim Yahoo! group. Requirements are, you have to make something out of grungepaper. Flower, ATC, Twinchie, etc...
I'm making flowers. I chose to do 6 for 6 and I can't wait til it's all done and over with so I can see the other ladies' gorgeous work. I just started today and have 3 out of the 6 done and that took up one whole sheet of grungepaper! If I would have known that it goes so fast, I would have bought another pack. Looks like I'm gonna have to. Geez, it's already 2AM and I'm still sitting here. I'm gonna have a hell of a time getting up in the morning....guess I better make this fast. I'm posting up a few pictures of my latest creations....including the 3 grunge flowers. So take a peek and tell me what ya think...see ya in the AM (the "real" AM)

A soldered collage coaster of my little Breana when she was 2

the back of the coaster

strawberry cone tag

3 of the 6 grungepaper flowers for the ATT swap


buglady said...

Your grunepaper flowers are beautiful. Now I want to know, how did you make them. I am assuming you cut the flowers with a Cricut and distress inked them????

Natalie said...

hi there! sorry it took me so long to respond. to make the grunge paper flowers i used my cuttlebug actually. i have some flower shaped dies and they cut through the grunge paper just beautifully! after i did that, i colored them up with distress ink and then layered and embellished. it honestly doesn't take more than 10 mins or so to make one of these flowers. and it's soooo fun! hope that helps a bit :)