Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vintage Holiday Crafts - dot com

So today while I was scouring the net for some vintage Easter photos, I found this awesome website that provides you with mass amounts of vintage images - clipart, photos, postcards, etc. They have a category for everything! The Christmas ones are fantastic. The good thing about this site, opposed to other sites that give you free images is that the size and/or resolution is bad. I opened one up this morning and it was 4x6 at 300dpi!! Usually I find a great image and realize it's only 1x1 and at 72dpi. Quite disappointing. Anyway, this post is officially a commercial for www.vintageholidaycrafts.com because I think the site is awesome. I promote awesomeness. Lol. So go there, you'll find some great stuff.

Once again,

Vintage Holiday Crafts

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So here I sit...impatiently waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. Inside it are our new cell phone sims. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that I have a very tempestuous relationship with the UPS man. He comes, he see that we have a dog, he quickly write a slip, and then he's off! No honk, no yelp to let me know he's here. Nothing. I am home every single time he comes and yet I ALWAYS miss him!! Well, that's not true...he did come last week and THREW my package across my yard not knowing that I was right there. He's a pain in my ass! Not too long ago he came and I RAN like the wind to get to him. He saw me. I know he did. However, that didn't seem to bother him. He still drove away like a mad maniac. So here I sit. In my craft room with the window wide open. Hoping that He stays long enough for me to run like the wind again, outside and get my precious sim card that I have been waiting so very long for. If I miss him again, I'm going directly down to the UPS store and throwing a temper tantrum. Yes, a temper tantrum. Just like a little 3 year old. I am very good at it too. Okay....I must go now and continue with my choresies. Oh what fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tinkerbell Party

Well, another year has gone by since the last girly birthday party I planned. Breana is turning 4 this month. My little princess is getting so big so fast. When I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, it didn't take her long to decide on Tinkerbell. I was definitely okay with that. I can find Tinkerbell stuff anywhere!! My plan was to make her birthday invitations by hand but today is already the 10th and I still haven't done anything. I'm still contemplating doing it but if I'm gonna do it, I need to get started today!! I bought some Tinkerbell Cuttlebug folders and planned on using those as a starting point. I feel like I'm in some sort of creative rut and can't crawl out. Maybe because my mind has been focused on many other things. Like CLEANING! It never fails......I clean one room and get started on the next, and someone comes along and leaves their stuff all over the room I just got finished with and then I'm back to square one! So that's been taking up my sanity lately. When will it ever end??? Now I have to do it all, all over again since I will be having company today and I HATE having a messy house when people come over. Off topic for a second, I just took a drink of my 7Up and whatever it is that they changed to make it more natural, freakin' sucks! It tastes like diet froot loops. Blech! Down the drain you go! Won't be buying that again! Soda's bad for you anyway. Anyway, I got off topic and now I don't want to write any more. I would love to make myself some coffee but I'm already medicinally caffeinated as it is so I had better not. Maybe I'll lay back down for an hour or so. Toodle loo. See you soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Been A While.....

Yes, I am infamous for running off and disappearing aren't I? Oh well, I guess since we know that's the case, we won't feel insulted about it right? I just finished another round of craft room cleaning. I think I need to come up with a better name other than "craft room". There's gotta be something more interesting. Maybe like "Bistro De l' Art" or "Artisan Square". I don't know but anything sounds better than "craft room" bleehhhh. Anyway, on to something else...

I've made nothing....boo hoo. I have all these wonderful ideas though. At least my mind is churning a little right? Yeah. I have all this wonderful vintage label clipart that as far as I can see has no royalties, so I thought I'd share some with you. I figure I can give you one or two a day and it will keep me somewhat on my toes with the blog. I'm very much the queen of all procrastination. I recently dug out my very favorite day planner and have ordered a new refill set for it. I need to get more organized since my memory doesn't seem to function the way it used to. I think it possibly has to do with the fact that I have a bit more to be responsible for?? Go figure. Anyway so yeah, I am gonna get myself super organized and hopefully my stress level will drop a little. I'm gona end this stupid post for now and leave you with a litle something. Just a litle vintage label. Hope you can make good use out of these. Keep coming back for more!!Click for full size
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