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The Importance of ART in our Challenging Political, Social and Economic World- AZ Commission of the Arts Essay

The Importance of ART in our Challenging Political, Social and Economic World
Natalie Tynda

Art in it’s definitive label: the products of human creativity; works of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a fine collection of art"

In whose mind did Art ever become something ordinary? In whose mind did one think Art could be considered “products” or “collections?” Art is a gift from beyond our mentality and we should treat it as though we would never see it again. Like magic.

Everyday in this troubled society there is Art. The skyscrapers we pass as we walk down the streets of New York. They are mere symbols of tiring, hour by hour labor. That’s what most of us see. But to the hands behind the structure, they are an example of the love we all bleed into our Art. These people aren’t called architects. They’re called Artists. As are the minds behind the memorials and honors that are bestowed upon the lost and cherished. We should not even refer to it as Art, but as a divine collaboration between us as beings of this beautiful world, and the Heavenly hands that touch our souls.

Often I ask myself how the bearers of our society handle the daily jolt of life. The constant criticism. The agonizing defeat of a battle gone awry. Even the pointing of a misunderstood finger. I can’t help but think of the fallen soldiers of before. The veterans whose lives were sacrificed for the country they fought so hard to protect. I think about the young children who lost their fathers. I think of the thoughts that crossed their minds. They saw the green of the grass. The blue of the sky. A puffy, pillow like cloud. The Art of life. They gave it to us. The Art of gratitude. One may think the meaning of Art is stationary to it’s meaning but think you mustn’t. For the Art of life is in everything. If it was not, we would be empty. No green of the foliage to entertain my pallette. No blue of the sky to provide my muse. No sacrifice of the troop to humble my existence. Where would we be without Art?

If you’ve ever experienced the raw life of a Native, or the colorful dwelling of a tribe you can see the Art that spills forth from their very breath. Their movements in a fire dance evoke artistic spirituality. Their war paint smeared with loyalty and pride. Rapture in it’s highest. I’ve begun to think this is no coincidence.

Art affects us all in ways we often do not even recognize. The economic struggles of this moment in time seem to weigh in on most of our lives. We forget to stop and see. We ‘see’ in literal terms of course, but I mean really SEE. Opening our eyes to what we still have might be hard when we are struggling to facilitate what we do not. We need to reclaim our happiness and remember that we still have this beautiful Earth to inspire us. When I reach down to dip my brush into burnt umber, I breathe a quiet breath reminding me of the origination of this hue. The tall evergreens. Filling the landscape with bark and beauty. I can scour a garden to refresh my forgotten memory of the texture a peony may bring. I can take my memory and transplant it onto canvas and relish in the nature of my Earth, the muse.

Pushing the Art away from the soul makes existing a lot more forceful and cruel. A youngster whose main difficulty is communication, can benefit from Art in a substantial and beneficial way that no other social experimentation can account for. The healing of the mind and the heart has forever been impacted my Art in it’s every form. From paint, to ink, to dance, to music. It is all Art. A suffering child that has the opportunity to dunk his beautiful fingers into a pot of sunshine yellow and smear it on the crisp white paper has given himself a taste of joy. Something he knows he can look forward to no matter where he may lie or what path he may follow. Sunshine yellow will always shine upon him. No matter what this world may become, or what the stars may spell, we will always have Art. We will always have Sunshine.

Copyright 2009 Natalie Tynda

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Wow this made my eyes water... I had no idea you could right so beautifuly.
<3 heidi