Friday, January 9, 2009

The Laziness Has Subsided I figured I'd get out of the holiday mood and get back to reality. The holidays sucked but now they're over and I can start fresh. I have become a cleaning junkie. I finished cleaning my craft room last night and now I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep it that way. That almost seems impossible because I know that when I get in the crafting mood all hell breaks loose. You just simply cannot put everything back in it's place when you're making something. It becomes too time consuming and you lose the muse. Right?? I think so. Anyway, I've noticed that while trying to do laundry, there has been a huge deterrence. The laundry room is just far too cramped with SHIT! There's a vacuum in there, along with a trash can and some laundry baskets on the floor. It's almost becoming impossible to wash clothes!! That's a big priority here with 4 of us. Especially Noah who likes to wear more than one pair of clothes a day. I swear sometimes he worse than a teenage girl. Therefore I have to reorganize it. It seems to be last on my list though. Jimmy and Breana need to get their butts in his room and pick up their horrid mess. She's a destructo girl I'm telling you. She likes to take her stuff all over the house and leave it it random places. I just can't win. If something gets clean they'll go to the other rooms in the house and bulldoze right through and leave me back at step 1. Kids will be kids right? Anyway, my art has taken a seat on the back burner since trying to recoop from the holiday but now that all the fixin' up is almost done, I can get back into the swing. Last night was the first time I made something since my Christmas cards. I'm participating in a freestyle ATC swap on my yahoo group (All Things Tim) so I needed to get those done asap as the deadline to get them mailed and settled is Feb. 1st. I would show you but I don't want to spoil the fun of the swap if any of the group members happen to stop by the blog and see. After I hear that everyone has received their card, then I will post a picture. Hopefully I remember to take a picture. That reminds me, I should probably charge my camera if I want to actually take any pictures. I have one of those digital camers that you can charge the battery with, and I'll tell ya, they're awesome...until you've forgotten to charge it in like a month and when you need that special shot, your camera goes "zshooooom" and shuts down. Not fun. Anyway, I will probably be back later (don't hold me to it) and post a few pics of something new I got :D

see ya's later!