Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hand Soldered Ornaments -Listed on Etsy!

I finally finished them! Yay! They are now posted in my shoppe so you can check 'em out. There's only 3 but I plan on making quite a few more depending on the feedback I get. I'm also available for alchemy so if you'd like something custom, just let me know :)

Here's a few pictures of them, front and back. Hope you all have a great Thursday!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Soldered Christmas Ornaments--in progress

Wow it's been a long time since I've posted! School has officially ended for the semester. That means I have a few weeks to myself. I really need to get artsy, I feel myself going insane and it'll be some good therapy.

So, I've been having fun in the midst of our kitchen floor re-do. If you haven't seen the pics, add me on Twitter, my screen name is ntynda, and you can see the floor in mid-install. Anyway, so while I have to wait for the pieces to be cut to size, I have been sneaking away and assembling some soldered ornaments. The pictures I've posted are of them at this stage. I still have to finish the Santa one and then solder the jump rings to the tops. I thought maybe you'd like to see them while they're in factory mode. Lol.

This one is 2"x2". The girls are printed on transparency film and placed over vintage music paper. I didn't take pics of the back but it is the same vintage music sheet with a few snowflakes embossed in clear. When I get them in my Etsy shoppe you'll see them in full detail.
This one is a 1"x3" on frosted glass. I think that's why the picture is coming out so blurry. The image is printed on transparency film and placed over a vintage book page. This one has the embossed snowflakes on the back as well.
This is just as simple Santa image on a painted background that I made.
This is a ring that I made last month that I forgot to post. It is made with craft wire (don't ask me what gauge) that I hand wrapped. The foliage is from Tim Holtz.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, the lighting in my "studio" (i use the " " because I still don't feel like I can call it a studio. It seems so professional to me, but my good friend Audrey keeps forcing me to call it that, I try) is crappalicious. I definitely need a ton of Ott lighting.

Anyway, there's my post for the night. I hope to come back tomorrow with the finished pieces but I'm not promising anything. Nothing gets done when I make promises.

Hope you have a good night!! I'll be dreaming of Christmas decor!! Ha!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So I finished my midterm in photoshop (I got an A!) as well as my final which hasn't been graded yet. I thought I'd post them up here for you to look at. Lemme know what you think :)
A Simpler Time-My Midterm
Egyptian Dream-My Final

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I feel like a blogging failure

So here I sit, in school thinking about how long it's been since I last blogged and all the things I said I was going to do and make and blah de blah de blah. I realized, it's been LONG and I haven't made anything I said I was going to make, or done anything I said I was going to do. You see, I started college classes and so far it's been great. I have more responsibilities now so I have even less time to do "fun" things and am just running around all the time. And I think I need to focus on that for a good minute before I commit myself to anymore empty promises. I'm looking at at least 2 years before I get my degree and maybe even longer if I want to pursue other things. So instead of promising that I'm going to post, I'm going to post when I have the time, and the thought and if I don't post for a month, then so be it. I realized I need to commit myself to the things that matter most. Hopefully I can better myself this way and be able to come back with tons of stories and experiences. Ahhh, it feels good to be free. <3

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun and Easy

Hi there. Today I wanted to show you something I made a while back ago but never posted on. It's a mini ATC album that I created using a trading card album I purchased at Dollar Tree.

This is the album before it was altered

And this is the album after

Sorry the pictures aren't very good. I took them with my phone. It's such a big hassle to get them from my regular camera to the computer.

I used Tim's Crackle Paints, Grungeboard elements, and stamp. I love that stamp sooo much. You can find it at Stampers Anonymous along with sooo many more gorgeous stamps. I also used Tim's hammer to bang up the brads for a more rustic look.

This album is so easy to make. All you need is some gesso, joint compound, crackle paints, and some visual interests

Anyway, that's about all for today. Hope everyone joins the challenge. It's a good one this week. See previous post if you wanna read up on it.

Have a great evening everyone!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weekly Wednesday Challenge

Hi all!! I just came to post up the new challenge for this week.

The theme is : "What does your Muse look like?"

If your muse looked like something, what would it look like. You may have to delve deep into your soul to figure this one out. It can be any size you'd like.

I can't wait to see what you've got!!

Until next time.......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Challenge Cancelled For This Week

Hi everyone. Sorry about this Wednesday. I had sooo much going on and it completely slipped my mind. I did get 3 great submissions in for the challenge. I love that some people are willing to do it too! I started mine but actually never finished it with how much I've got going on lately but I will get that done and post it anyway. Since it's already almost Friday, I figured that's already 2 days late from the challenge date and so I decided that this week's challenge will be cancelled. If I get everything done this week that I've been trying to get done then by next week I will have bunches of free time to play and do the challenge. Sorry to anyone who was waiting on me. That's all for now but I did want to show you the great submissions I got for last week's Fruit challenge.

Pat Doughty's Submission

Lori Hassler's Submission
Allie Gower's Submission

Aren't they all fantastic? Thank you so much girls for sending these it. You are such talented and awesome ladies!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Quick Update

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you know that the rubber stamps may be coming sooner than I anticipated! I'm sooo excited!! Keep a watch on the blog for more info and some sneak peeks of the images! Woo Hoo!! Things keep getting better and better!!

New Challenge!!-----EDITED

EDITED 10:46 AM--Within the couple hours I was sleeping, I received one more submission and it belongs to the ever so talented Pat Doughty. She told me that her supplies were limited so she used what she had to work with AND that it was her first actual project, but let me tell you....her piece is FABULOUS!!!! She should be totally proud of herself!! She deserves some love. So take a look at her piece, it's right under Allie's below.

Hi everyone. It's super late...or should I say early...this Wednesday morning and the 1st ever challenge has come to an end. I thought we'd possibly have more people join, but guess not. It was a little disappointing but I want to thank the ever so talented Allie for joining and making such a wonderful piece! You're a doll Allie. Since Allie was the only one besides myself who took the challenge, I wanted not only to put her photo in the album, but to also show it here. Because she deserves it and the piece is just so great. So here it is:

I just love that scroll. She says it's a Prima Gate. Definitely gotta get me some of those!

Isn't Pat's piece awesome?! I'm in such awe of it. I love it!! Thanks Pat!!

Okay, so on to the new challenge for this Wednesday.

Theme: Fruit

This can be on any size you want. All you need to do is incorporate some fruit into your artwork. The deadline date will be next Wednesday, June 3rd.

Hope to see some great stuff!!!

P.S. Technically you still have time to do last week's challenge but it needs to be submitted before the end of the day. So if you still wanna try to participate, I will be more than happy to take the submissions and post them in the gallery.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lazy Day

Today has been such a lazy day. We tried so hard to think of something to do but nothing really came to mind. Finally we decided we'd go to Oatman to walk around and enjoy the decent weather. It was nice even though there were tons of people. I didn't think such a small town could attract so many tourists. If you don't know where or what Oatman is, you can click here for a little bit of history. Basically it's an old ghost town. The aura is so awesome. Such nostalgia. So after we went there we pretty much went home and enjoyed the rest of the day outside with the kids. Very relaxing.

Artistically moving on......

There's still 3 more days to get your challenge submissions in before the next one arises. I really hope to see a bunch of fabulous art that I can drool over. I've already got in one submission from the ever so sweet Allie Gower. But you'll have to wait til Wednesday to see it. Neener neener. Lol. It's a beautiful piece for sure.

Oh, and thanks to the ever so talented Audrey Hernandez, I now have discovered Sunday Postcard Art. They have awesome theme challenges that should get me on my toes with creating. I feel the itch a lot and now I'll have a reason AND a solid theme to go with, which should make it much easier to get some stuff done.

And last but not least, I finally make my Flickr Group for the Weekly Wednesday Challenge submissions. I would absolutely love love love if you joined. The group is public so it's open to anyone. I think it will make it much easier to showcase all the lovely art. The group is public, however, I do require that you accept the terms of the group before joining. It isn't anything elaborate though. All I ask is, if you're going to submit a photo into the album, please do this ONLY ON WEDNSDAYS. This will help to keep your beautiful creations a super surprise until the deadline date. So make sure you place it in the album (only on Wednesdays), or email it to me and I will get it into the photo album for show on Wednesdays. Sounds good to me. Hope to see you all join!!

Nighty night!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Art to Share

Hi everyone. Hope everybody is having a good weekend. It's super hot here in Arizona right now and we're all just trying to stay cool. I made a few new things. My nephew's birthday is coming up in June and instead of making a card, I made a canvas piece instead. His theme is "super heroes" and he loves Spiderman, so I thought to make him a Spiderman canvas that was vintage and nostalgic. I sure hope he likes it. There's not much more to say so here's a look at what I've been up to lately.

Here's the Spiderman Canvas

Here's a piece I made entitled "Parisian Bingo Hall"

And here is the canvas piece I made using the image for the
Weekly Wednesday Challenge. I told ya I was gonna do it too!!
Can't wait to see what you will make!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fun New Things Happening Here!!

So, the last time I posted, I was showing you a print I did on fabric. I've yet to make anything using it. The kids and laundry have had me busy almost all week! So I'm still going to make something, I just need to let things simmer down a little and then get to it.

So, what's going to be going one here that's new you may ask? Well, first, I am going to be introducing my "Weekly Wednesday Challenge". Basically it's just the same as any other challenge. I make up a theme or a technique, or something of that nature and then you have a week to create it. Some of the weekly challenges will include prizes but you'll find out about that later. I'm thinking, not only will this help increase traffic here, but it will help me have a goal (or I should say deadline) to actually make something. There always seems to be something holding me back. Because OF COURSE I will be participating in the challenges as well!

The next bit of new I have is very exciting to me!! It will take a bit of time before the fun actually takes off, but I am so very pleased to announce that I will be offering my very own line of RUBBER STAMPS!!! Yay!!!!!! Like I said, it's going to be a bit before they're set out for sale but yes, this is my exciting news! I plan to offer a variety of eclectic, mixed media style stamps. From vintage faces to old time places!! They will be sold in "plates" as opposed to singles. I may offer them as singles later on down the line but as of now this is the way I'm gonna go. I already have printouts of some of the stamps that will be offered but for now it's a secret, so stay tuned because I may give a sneak peek!

Moving on......

It's Wednesday people and time for the very first challenge. before I post the challenge, I want to inform you how to submit.

You will have one week from the challenge date (Wednesday to Wednesday) to turn in your submissions. All I ask is that you either scan or take an up close image of your artwork. Then, just email me your submission at and I will post all the submission up in my soon-to-be gallery (don't worry, it will be up by next week). That's all it takes. Pretty easy right? So here's your challenge.

Create a 5x7 piece of art using this image:

Isn't it pretty?! I just love it. Much thanks to the Flickr group, Collage Images, for providing the image. So get crafty!! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Printing On Fabric -- It Really Works!

Okay, I said I was gonna go til tomorrow but I've been playing around a little and decided it was time for me to try to print onto fabric. I've been a little weary to try it but I figure, what the hell, just do it. So I just did it. And it was the easiest thing ever. I taped my fabric piece down to a piece of printer paper and put it in facing the correct way. I adjusted my printer settings and pressed print. Voila! It's done. And it came out perfect!

If you're going to try this too, do make sure you have a piece of paper underneath your fabric no matter what. Not only does it support the weight of the fabric and ease it through the printer, it also absorbs the excess ink that bleeds through the fabric.

I would also recommend using a lightweight fabric opposed to a heavier one only because I'm afraid it will get jammed in the printer and cause you some unnecessary tugging and cursing. Lol.

Overall it was easy and the results speak for themselves. Sorry about this photo, as I took it with my phone (trying to avoid the annoying task of taking the photo with my camera, then taking out the memory card, then putting it in the memory card reader, then downloading all the photos) and it doesn't produce the best results. I'll be sure to post a photo of the finished project once it's underway and to my visual satisfaction. Until we meet again.....

Fresh Reading

Sooooo, I picked up the latest issues of Somerset Studio and Somerset Memories. Sigh, I don't think I will ever find such perfect, and beautiful reading anywhere else. I only discovered the magazine last year but it has forever changed my life. The amount of knowledge and confidence you gain by reading this magazine is immense and I cannot think of a better thing to do on a lazy day than get in my bed with a pile of these mags, and melt into the pages. I don't even get tired of reading the same issues over and over. I am trying to muster up the courage to send in some of my own submissions. I think I'd scream and jump for joy if I received the issue showing me my published artwork. But then I think, how will I ever be able to part with my things. It's not unheard of for your pieces to be held for a few months, even up to a year! Especially if they want to use your submission for another issue, or even another publication. I also think I need to brave the craft room and hole myself up for at least a day without escaping. How much would I accomplish? I doubt that it's even feasible. Lol. I have 2 kids.....and it's almost summer break! So that means they'll either play and keep each other occupied and give me some "me" time, or they'll both be at each other's throats and need me more than ever! Either way, I'm blessed. At least I know I'm doing something instead of nothing.

OH, I'm not sure if you read my old-ish post about the essay contest I entered...but anyway, the results are in and.......

dun dun dun.......

I didn't win. Lol. Oh well. Knowing this was an international contest as well sorta kept me in the mindset that I probably wouldn't win, but that I might as well give it a go. It would have been cool if I did win, but all is good and I'm no sore loser. The winning submission was by Danielle Shelley and you can read her winning essay here if you'd like.

So I know I started this post talking about Somerset and all it's perfection, but now I have nothing left to say and I'm sorta losing my typing mojo. So a big au revoir to all of you. I will be trying to make time to create some more stuff and put it up in Etsy...but we all know me.....procrastinator of the century!

Hope you all have a good night and I'll be back....soon......I think....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Follow Me On Twitter

I'm on Twitter people!! Not like many of you care, but I thought I'd give a heads up anyway. I'm trying to post more interesting stuff (art wise) but it seems to be a little burdensome. I feel like I need to remember not to forget. Lol. How twisted is that?!? But anyway, If you wanna follow me, please do so. My screen name is :
or you can add my by my whole name:
Natalie Tynda
There should only be one me. So therefore, if you want not so entertaining news, please find me. Lol. I'll try, but I can't guarantee I'll amuse you.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Loving Tim at 4

She could possibly be the youngest Tim Holtz fan I've ever known. Or maybe she's just my Yesterday I was making some more grungepaper flowers for the swap and Breana came in and asked me if I needed help. I told her I didn't but she could play if she wanted. She asked me if she could stamp. How awesome! My little munchkin wanting to stamp. At 4! So I got out some stamps for her, you know, the ones you usually give your kids...the ones that aren't super duper expensive. The ones they can't ruin?!?!??! Lol. Well, she obviously knows better because once I gave her the "cheap" stamps, she said "No, mom, I don't want those ones. I want the ones you use." So yeah, I gave in and let her use them. She must be watching me when I stamp because she knows just what to do AND how to clean the stamps afterward. My fear was gone. Lol. After she got her stamps of course she needed ink. I told her I had some ink for her and I took out the (once again) "cheap" ink in all sorts of colors and gave it to her. She said, "MoooOOmm, this isn't the right kind of stampy ink!" and I said "well then what do you want" and she came out with this, "you know what kind I need! I need the Tim Holtz (she pronounced it Holes, lol) Stress Ink!"

I laughed hysterically! How does my kid know all this. She must be spending too much time with me watching you tube videos. Lol. This made my day. And just so you see her in action, here's some photos after I gave her the "good" stuff...

Monday, April 27, 2009

I <3 GrungePaper!

So I'm participating in this fantastic swap in my All Things Tim Yahoo! group. Requirements are, you have to make something out of grungepaper. Flower, ATC, Twinchie, etc...
I'm making flowers. I chose to do 6 for 6 and I can't wait til it's all done and over with so I can see the other ladies' gorgeous work. I just started today and have 3 out of the 6 done and that took up one whole sheet of grungepaper! If I would have known that it goes so fast, I would have bought another pack. Looks like I'm gonna have to. Geez, it's already 2AM and I'm still sitting here. I'm gonna have a hell of a time getting up in the morning....guess I better make this fast. I'm posting up a few pictures of my latest creations....including the 3 grunge flowers. So take a peek and tell me what ya think...see ya in the AM (the "real" AM)

A soldered collage coaster of my little Breana when she was 2

the back of the coaster

strawberry cone tag

3 of the 6 grungepaper flowers for the ATT swap

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

shoppe|mecca @ Etsy!!

Hey all. Just thought I'd update and let everyone know that my Etsy shoppe is now open for business. I don't have everything perfectly coordinated yet, but give me time and it will all be there for the taking. If you wanna go check it out, you can go to the sidebar and click the link, or you can just go here
and check it out. If you don't see anything you are interested in, send me a note and I'll try to add some stuff based on consumer preference. Vintage nonetheless. Anyway, just wanted to update and say hi. Please take a look and tell me what ya think!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Items For Sale

Hello all. Once again, it's been too long. I've been cleaning like usual and realized that I don't have any need for all these silly things I keep stuffed away. Like all those magazines! Sheesh! Okay, so here's the deal....I have some stuff for sale and if you're interested in it, let me know. All shipping is FREE. All you gotta do is email me and tell me what you want. You'll pay, and the item(s) will be moving along. Take a look at what I've got::

Somerset Holidays and Celebrations $9.99
Somerset Studio Sep/Oct 2008 $5.99

Somerset Studio Jan/Feb 2009

Somerset Digital Studio Srping 2009 $10.99

Somerset Memories Aug/Sep 2008 $4.99

Somerset Memories Oct/Nov 2008 $4.99

Somerset Memories Dec/jan 2009 $4.99

Somerset Memories Feb/Mar 2009 $4.99

The Stampers' Sampler Aug/Sep 2008 $4.99

The Stampers' Sampler Oct/Nov 2009 $4.99

The Stampers' Sampler Dec/Jan 2009 $4.99

The Stampers' Sampler Feb/Mar 2009 $4.99

The Scrapbook factory Deluxe Version 3.0 $20.00

Photo Impact Pro Version 10 $25.00 OBO

So there you have it. All that crap for sale. One man's junk is another man's treasure right? So take home this treasure! Oh yeah, and for all you altered art junkies out there, don't forget that I sell manila shipping tags (#8) as well. Read the sidebar for more info. Just email me at and tell me what you want (please be specific) and I will arrange the rest. And just for security comfort, I use Google Checkout. Safe and secure.

Thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vintage Holiday Crafts - dot com

So today while I was scouring the net for some vintage Easter photos, I found this awesome website that provides you with mass amounts of vintage images - clipart, photos, postcards, etc. They have a category for everything! The Christmas ones are fantastic. The good thing about this site, opposed to other sites that give you free images is that the size and/or resolution is bad. I opened one up this morning and it was 4x6 at 300dpi!! Usually I find a great image and realize it's only 1x1 and at 72dpi. Quite disappointing. Anyway, this post is officially a commercial for because I think the site is awesome. I promote awesomeness. Lol. So go there, you'll find some great stuff.

Once again,

Vintage Holiday Crafts

No affiliation with above site

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So here I sit...impatiently waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. Inside it are our new cell phone sims. This wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that I have a very tempestuous relationship with the UPS man. He comes, he see that we have a dog, he quickly write a slip, and then he's off! No honk, no yelp to let me know he's here. Nothing. I am home every single time he comes and yet I ALWAYS miss him!! Well, that's not true...he did come last week and THREW my package across my yard not knowing that I was right there. He's a pain in my ass! Not too long ago he came and I RAN like the wind to get to him. He saw me. I know he did. However, that didn't seem to bother him. He still drove away like a mad maniac. So here I sit. In my craft room with the window wide open. Hoping that He stays long enough for me to run like the wind again, outside and get my precious sim card that I have been waiting so very long for. If I miss him again, I'm going directly down to the UPS store and throwing a temper tantrum. Yes, a temper tantrum. Just like a little 3 year old. I am very good at it too. Okay....I must go now and continue with my choresies. Oh what fun.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tinkerbell Party

Well, another year has gone by since the last girly birthday party I planned. Breana is turning 4 this month. My little princess is getting so big so fast. When I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, it didn't take her long to decide on Tinkerbell. I was definitely okay with that. I can find Tinkerbell stuff anywhere!! My plan was to make her birthday invitations by hand but today is already the 10th and I still haven't done anything. I'm still contemplating doing it but if I'm gonna do it, I need to get started today!! I bought some Tinkerbell Cuttlebug folders and planned on using those as a starting point. I feel like I'm in some sort of creative rut and can't crawl out. Maybe because my mind has been focused on many other things. Like CLEANING! It never fails......I clean one room and get started on the next, and someone comes along and leaves their stuff all over the room I just got finished with and then I'm back to square one! So that's been taking up my sanity lately. When will it ever end??? Now I have to do it all, all over again since I will be having company today and I HATE having a messy house when people come over. Off topic for a second, I just took a drink of my 7Up and whatever it is that they changed to make it more natural, freakin' sucks! It tastes like diet froot loops. Blech! Down the drain you go! Won't be buying that again! Soda's bad for you anyway. Anyway, I got off topic and now I don't want to write any more. I would love to make myself some coffee but I'm already medicinally caffeinated as it is so I had better not. Maybe I'll lay back down for an hour or so. Toodle loo. See you soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's Been A While.....

Yes, I am infamous for running off and disappearing aren't I? Oh well, I guess since we know that's the case, we won't feel insulted about it right? I just finished another round of craft room cleaning. I think I need to come up with a better name other than "craft room". There's gotta be something more interesting. Maybe like "Bistro De l' Art" or "Artisan Square". I don't know but anything sounds better than "craft room" bleehhhh. Anyway, on to something else...

I've made hoo. I have all these wonderful ideas though. At least my mind is churning a little right? Yeah. I have all this wonderful vintage label clipart that as far as I can see has no royalties, so I thought I'd share some with you. I figure I can give you one or two a day and it will keep me somewhat on my toes with the blog. I'm very much the queen of all procrastination. I recently dug out my very favorite day planner and have ordered a new refill set for it. I need to get more organized since my memory doesn't seem to function the way it used to. I think it possibly has to do with the fact that I have a bit more to be responsible for?? Go figure. Anyway so yeah, I am gonna get myself super organized and hopefully my stress level will drop a little. I'm gona end this stupid post for now and leave you with a litle something. Just a litle vintage label. Hope you can make good use out of these. Keep coming back for more!!Click for full size
Right click and save

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rest Peacefully Baby Caylee

♥Somewhere up in the skies of Grace, frolics a beautiful Angel with wings of gold and a smile that gleams from the Heavens. We will always remember and love you Caylee Marie♥

As I sit here and type this, I cry. Not because I have a three year old of my own and it happens to hit close to home, but because this angelic beauty was deprived of her innocence and her trust. I can almost feel her skin and the warmth of her touch. Forever and always this little girl, whom I have never met, will hold a special place in my heart.
Please, tonight, before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep, say a small prayer for this darling child. Tell her she's safe now and nothing will ever harm her again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Importance of ART in our Challenging Political, Social and Economic World- AZ Commission of the Arts Essay

The Importance of ART in our Challenging Political, Social and Economic World
Natalie Tynda

Art in it’s definitive label: the products of human creativity; works of art collectively; "an art exhibition"; "a fine collection of art"

In whose mind did Art ever become something ordinary? In whose mind did one think Art could be considered “products” or “collections?” Art is a gift from beyond our mentality and we should treat it as though we would never see it again. Like magic.

Everyday in this troubled society there is Art. The skyscrapers we pass as we walk down the streets of New York. They are mere symbols of tiring, hour by hour labor. That’s what most of us see. But to the hands behind the structure, they are an example of the love we all bleed into our Art. These people aren’t called architects. They’re called Artists. As are the minds behind the memorials and honors that are bestowed upon the lost and cherished. We should not even refer to it as Art, but as a divine collaboration between us as beings of this beautiful world, and the Heavenly hands that touch our souls.

Often I ask myself how the bearers of our society handle the daily jolt of life. The constant criticism. The agonizing defeat of a battle gone awry. Even the pointing of a misunderstood finger. I can’t help but think of the fallen soldiers of before. The veterans whose lives were sacrificed for the country they fought so hard to protect. I think about the young children who lost their fathers. I think of the thoughts that crossed their minds. They saw the green of the grass. The blue of the sky. A puffy, pillow like cloud. The Art of life. They gave it to us. The Art of gratitude. One may think the meaning of Art is stationary to it’s meaning but think you mustn’t. For the Art of life is in everything. If it was not, we would be empty. No green of the foliage to entertain my pallette. No blue of the sky to provide my muse. No sacrifice of the troop to humble my existence. Where would we be without Art?

If you’ve ever experienced the raw life of a Native, or the colorful dwelling of a tribe you can see the Art that spills forth from their very breath. Their movements in a fire dance evoke artistic spirituality. Their war paint smeared with loyalty and pride. Rapture in it’s highest. I’ve begun to think this is no coincidence.

Art affects us all in ways we often do not even recognize. The economic struggles of this moment in time seem to weigh in on most of our lives. We forget to stop and see. We ‘see’ in literal terms of course, but I mean really SEE. Opening our eyes to what we still have might be hard when we are struggling to facilitate what we do not. We need to reclaim our happiness and remember that we still have this beautiful Earth to inspire us. When I reach down to dip my brush into burnt umber, I breathe a quiet breath reminding me of the origination of this hue. The tall evergreens. Filling the landscape with bark and beauty. I can scour a garden to refresh my forgotten memory of the texture a peony may bring. I can take my memory and transplant it onto canvas and relish in the nature of my Earth, the muse.

Pushing the Art away from the soul makes existing a lot more forceful and cruel. A youngster whose main difficulty is communication, can benefit from Art in a substantial and beneficial way that no other social experimentation can account for. The healing of the mind and the heart has forever been impacted my Art in it’s every form. From paint, to ink, to dance, to music. It is all Art. A suffering child that has the opportunity to dunk his beautiful fingers into a pot of sunshine yellow and smear it on the crisp white paper has given himself a taste of joy. Something he knows he can look forward to no matter where he may lie or what path he may follow. Sunshine yellow will always shine upon him. No matter what this world may become, or what the stars may spell, we will always have Art. We will always have Sunshine.

Copyright 2009 Natalie Tynda

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Perfectly Good Excuse

Okay well maybe not 'perfect' but good enough. A while back ago, I was so very nicely siting on my laptop, playing and having fun when I get up to get a drink and BOOM! my laptop goes flying on the floor and the screen goes weird! OH NOOOO!! Hasn't been the same since. It's gonna get fixed but this is becoming a hassle. I have a big desktop computer but I hate having the stay in one place. Not like I really traveled around with the laptop but it was convenient when I actually wanted to. The other big problem I have is that all my favorite programs are on the laptop and not the desktop. It not that big of a deal but if I wanted to use some of them, I would have to install it onto the desktop which takes more time than I want to give. So there's my excuse for not being on lately. Sigh.

In other news, I have a bunch of litle artsies (that's what I've named my little pieces of art) that need to be photographed and posted. I just love it all. I've found a new love....SOLDERING! Sally Jean style baby! Lol. No really though, it's so much fun! Being able to capture loveliness between two pieces of glass is awesome. It definitely takes some geting used to that's for sure. You should get some essential pointers before plunging into it. One big rule: DON'T LET YOUR TIP BECOME OXIDIZED! Bad bad thing. I did because I was being self taught and I guess that's the way it goes but for those of you who are thinking about it, just keep it in mind. Always tin your tip. Thank goodness I could clean it easily otherwise I'd have to go out a buy a new tip (which btw, it was difficult when you live in a town that never has anything you need!) If there's some interest, I will most likely post up a tut with some essential guidelines on soldering. Instructions, supplies needed, etc.

Now, I'm going to sign off and tell you au revoir but before I do, I will tell you that I am about to post an essay that I just finished writing. It is in reference to a contest (winner receives $500) on the AZ Arts Commission website regarding "The Importance of ART in our Challenging Political, Social and Economic World"

Hope you all take a peek and let me know what you think. I doubt I will win but it was good for me to write it. I haven't let my thought out in a while and this was definitely something good for me.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Freestyle ATC Swap

So I don't know if I mentioned before, but I was participating in an ATC swap with my Yahoo! group "All Things Tim". Tim Holtz that is. I tell ya, if you've never been introduced to Tim Holtz's techniques and products, you don't know what you're missing! He's got the best grungified stuff out there. I am absolutely OBSESSED with Distress Ink! I am definitely a hoarder of anything Tim. I just got 3 of his new masks (concerto, flourish, and timeworks) and haven't made anything yet but I'm looking forward to it. Anyway, getting back to the main subject...I participated in my first ever swap and am waiting to see if the swap hostess has received my package. It's gotta get there by the 1st of Feb. so I crossing my fingers that the mail doesn't lollygag. I loved making the ATC's. It was so fun. I'm a horrible technique experimenter. I learn something new and never try it. I have no idea why either. So I actually tried some new stuff and loved the outcome. I only had to make 6 so it was good for me and wasn't overwhelming. I will definitely participate in more swaps. I just can't wait to get the return ATC's! There's 26 of us participating in this one so who knows what we'll receive and from who. I hope the recipients of mine enjoy them. Anyway, I'm gonna be heading to bed. I've posted a photo of my ATC for you to see. Hope you enjoy ♥