Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm Still Here

Wow long time no see huh? Welp, I have been busy busy with painting my art room and redecorating it a bit, as well as getting things ready for Thanksgiving. Mine was good. We had a somewhat stress free atmosphere and the food was great. 13 people total was very large and the table just about fit us all. I didn't take any pictures because, well, nobody likes having their picture taken so there's absolutely NO full family photos of us all. I'm not going to run around the house with the camera when everyone hides their face so I guess I say the hell with it. They'll wish they did someday. Well, no, I can't say I didn't take pictures....I did take a few photos of Noah and the kids and visa-versa. That's all though. Since all that is over until Christmas, I have some free time to blog and create. I really need to catch up on holiday decorating though. I only have one garland out and a few knick knacks here and there. My grandpa is going to start putting up the Christmas lights outside sometime this week. I can't wait until it's all done and we can be all warm and cozy with our cocoa and Christmas cheer. I think out of all the holidays, Christmas inspires me most. I love vintage Santa images and clip art of children playing in the snow. It's all so festive. I started some more holiday inspired art and thought you'd like to see it.

Vintage Santa on a mini canvas with grungeboard and beeswax

Denim fabric ATCBeeswax Christmas collage on canvas

Now these next 5 photos are of a Christmas card that I am sending to someone special so I can't reveal the whole thing. That's why there are little peeker pics so you can get a feel for it. Once the card is received, I will post a pic of the whole thing.

So there it is. My little bit of joy that accumulated to 5 overnight. I swear, by the time I realized what the clock said, it was already 5:00 in the morning!! Not to mention I had to get up at 6:45 to get Jimmy ready for school. It didn't work that way though, lol...he ended up getting out of bed a little late due to mom's long night. And I only have myself to blame. He wasn't late though, he just didn't have as much time to play on the playground as usual so it's all good. Anyway, I will be back probably tomorrow if not later tonight to ramble on about.

P.S. the Jalapeno burger from Carl's Jr. is immaculate!! It's the most delicious thing ever! (for now atleast, lol)


Anonymous said...

Your art pieces are wonderful. The first piece with the vintage santa is my favorite. Gorgeous! Your fabric atc is darling. I have been trying to incorporate fabric more in my work but I have never tried the look. And you collaged canvas is wonderful. All the elements go so well together.