Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Newest Discovery

Now, maybe I have just had my head in the clouds but I have recently found an artist that sure does tickle my fancy. Her name is Audrey Hernandez and she is soooo spectacular, there aren't even words to describe the amount of inspiration I get from her work. She has created some of the most beautiful collage art I have ever seen! If you haven't already got the pleasure of seeing her gorgeous stuff, you can find it here on her blog http://www.smallcreations.blogspot.com/. You can also run off to your nearest book store (and I say book store because most general stores don't carry specialty magazines) and pick up Somerset Workshop and Somerset Studios where you can see her stuff in print. It's honestly breathtaking (for me anyway) and I will definitely be blog stalking her. Lol.

I kinda just wanted to inform about her and invite you to go look at her stuff. I will be back on in a bit with my latest project. See you then!


LindaSue said...

Just found your blog. Love the beeswax. Just knew before I looked that Suz was going to be listed. I have a blog too. Check it out and make a comment. I just don't have any of my new work posted yet.

Want to come and live in Arizona. Heard that you can sometimes get land rather cheap. Any ideas or suggestion's.

All I want to do is art stuff. Will continue to look at your blog to see your work. Linda


Anonymous said...

Hey......I just sent you an email :) Now I read this and you are making me blush, lol. Thanks again :)