Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holidays Are Over

But we still have next year! It will probably be here just a quickly as the last one came. Today is my birthday. Joy Joy...yeah. No, I'm happy. It isn't anything to be excited about though. All my milestones are hit except for being actually considered a senior citizen, and I believe I have 32 more years until that. I'm 23 today. For the most part it feels the same as 22 but I can definitely feel a bit more maturity. I'm a little more calm (hee hee) and a little more patient. And maybe even a little wiser. I think I've had a jump but I'm not sure that everyone else agrees. My Christmas was horrible. My Christmas Eve was great. Go figure. Everyone was unhappy and tense. My Grandpa doesn't seem to make it better with his attitude problem. And can you believe he thought we all were mad? Yeah right. The kids had a great Christmas only because they don't really value the reason for the season. This is definitely going to change next year though. Presents are not all it's about. We didn't put my Grandma's stocking up this year. I wanted to but my gpa said that "it's time" we leave it down. Never will I listen to him again. I don't know what happened but it just didn't feel like Christmas. If any of you know me, you'd know I'm an avid believer in supernatural and karma and all that good stuff. She's usually here with us every year. I notice it anyway. This year she wasn't. She wasn't even here when we were decorating the tree. She usually is. Maybe it's my imagination but I don't really think so. This year was full of anger and disappointment. I really hope 2009 has the making for a good year. Obama's here, it's got to be better. Saturday Noah took me out to dinner at Joe's. It was great food. I actually enjoyed myself at some point this weekend. We saw "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and it was soooooo good. Brad Pitt is delicious. Between him, Johnny Depp, and Gerard Butler, I could melt for years. Imagine if they all made a movie together!?! I think I'd have a heart attack. The closest "buncha hot boys in one movie" movie I can think of is "Oceans 11". Yeah......

Anyway, to end this boring post, I will wish you all a Happy New Year and a better 2009.