Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hey there everyone. Today is definitely feeling like a good day. Not that anything spectacular is going to happen, but it just seems like a nice, serene afternoon. Christmas decor is being put up finally. I've actually gotten off my lazy butt and did something productive. Lol. I believe I said something yesterday about coming back to post a project I just finished and of course, I never made it back. How typical of me right? Anyway, I have it now. It's a little piece I thought of while thrift shopping the other day. I was looking for some children's books and came across Alice in Wonderland. I absolutely LOVE this movie and the book had some great black and white images in it. So of course I scooped it up along with some other stuff. I knew I wanted to make something with the book so I decided on a canvas piece. I decided on a blue color scheme and it just went from there. I used acrylic as well as watercolor crayons. It worked out quite well. After all the book pages were glued down it got a layer of beeswax and it was dusted with perfect pearls. So in my opinion, it turned out just the way I had hoped. Crazy and fun. Hope you guys like it, and don't be shy....gimme some input :) Oh! Before I go, I just wanted to tell you guys that I am #2 on! Yes, there's only about 30 blogs on there but I'm a little joyful about being #2 right now. Just below Pam Carriker! She's fantasmic! If you're a mixed-media artist, you should definitely go sign up and get your name out a little more. I'm like a giddy little dork. Hee heee.