Thursday, December 4, 2008

12 Tags? 2 for now....

So Tim Holtz has started his 12 Tags of Christmas again and I have been joyously checking in every night to see what he has come up with next. The girls over at ATT (no not the phone company, AllThingsTim Yahoo! Group) have already started theirs and are already on tag 4. Well, I happen to be a procrastinator and I also enjoy spending most of the day looking at others' work. I started with day 3 for some reason and after that one was done, I did day 2. Don't ask me why I skipped 4 and went backward but I did. It was fun nevertheless. I don't have much to say for tonight so I'm just gonna post the pics and probably go to bed. Nighty night all and hope you like them.

12 Tags of Christmas-Day 2 My Rendition

12 Tags of Christmas-Day 3 My Rendition