Monday, November 3, 2008

Late Night

Good morning guys! I woke this morning about 6:30am a bit groggy from the night before. Well, it wasn't really the night before, more like a few hours prior. Can't you tell by the horrid mess on my work table? Lol. I was up making some Christmas tags. Can you believe it's already that time???!! I still vividly remember last Christmas. I had a lot of fun making these.

OH! Before I forget to tell you.....go listen to the song "Where I Stood" by Missy Higgins. It's wonderful and I'm loving it right now. I'm sure I'll play it out like I do with every other song. But isn't that the joy of music?

Anyway, back to the main subject. The tags were sooooo fun!! Other than the fact I wish I had #8 tags instead of #5. The #8 is bigger but they don't sell them in stores. None here anyway. I'm gonna have to order them in bulk. Do I really need 1,000 tags? I guess so. I also wish I had some company while making them. Noah loves what I make but he doesn't really enjoy the process of actually making them. Lol. I don't blame him. I don't enjoy walking around Home Depot for 2 hours so I don't expect him to like to sit and watch me make my stuff. It's kinda nice sometimes to be alone though. Nobody can see your secrets or your creative process. That's something I like to keep cherished in me. I like to hear people ask, "how'd you do that??". It's very rewarding. So I decided to post some pictures of the tags. I will also post pictures of some of my creations, but that will be for later. I still haven't made that tutorial either. Thanks for reminding me Shella. Lol. I will. I promise. But for now, my photos.

Titled: Attic Santa

Titled: Rockefeller Christmas

Well, there it is. Hope you enjoy :)