Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Never Wrong to Have Faith

By now, all of you should know about my great hatred toward Bush right? And also my avid belief in Nostradamus. The predictions I've made about Bush being the anti-Christ and so on.....

Let me remind you that my predictions or should I say interpretations of this awful world right now are none other than my own and they are derived only from what the Higher Power is telling me. This hell is to be over with. Soon. The man is going to disappear much quicker than his undoing of this nation, but my stand is planted firmly on his role as the living devil. I know there are people who believe he is a good man with good intentions and I am not trying to take anyone's faith away, as I would hope you would try not to rob me of mine. My Savior has spoken and I hear Him so clearly. We WILL conquer this land bound hell we live in. We WILL have peace and serenity here on Earth. We have many, many more lifetimes to heal. It's not going to be easy or quick, but it will come. Famish will subside. The economy will rise. We WILL be in this Heaven on earth. I beg you all to just listen and open your eyes. those of you who are tired of the depression. Those of you who are tired of the lies. It will subside. I PROMISE. I'm sure you're thinking, "how can she PROMISE something like this?" and to be perfectly honest, I don't know. I don't know how I can promise this. But I can. And I will. I've done plenty of research and I find things that just enable me to share more of this confidence with you all. Society today has it's uptight opinions about all this stuff I'm talking about. That it's crazy. That it's absurd. That it's all a mirage that we carry with us. I'm just saying, for once, put down your biased-focals and see it my way. Even for just a minute. Breathe a little peace. I'm having a really hard time right now. My mind is constantly stirring and I feel like somebody is in my head, churning my mind with a spoon. But honestly, I think I know who it is. My faith has subsided over the years because of confusion and anger. I couldn't understand why things were spiraling so out of control for all of us. I began to think it was punishment. But what did I do? What did all these innocent people do? Well, I started thinking about life, and lessons. I started thinking about all the innocent, hurt individuals in this world who don't deserve to be put through this mess. The majority of the world is losing it's faith. There is anarchy and we have become so spiritually negligent. Then it came to me. I thought about how it was when we were in school. When one kid would do something bad, there would be a warning given. He would do it again, and he would receive a second warning. Still unruly, he would continue to misbehave until punishment was given. Majority of the time the punishment was upon the whole class. That's not fair, we all thought. We didn't do anything wrong! Why should we be punished?! BUT, did you follow in the boy's footsteps and misbehave the way he did? No, you didn't. You learned a lesson. You now know better than to disobey. This is what He is teaching us. He is showing us what can happen when we all disobey His word. He is telling us that we had better shape up or else. This is just a glimpse of what could come. The world is faithless. People are behaving like tyrants. But once we open our eyes and hearts to reality true reality, not the false reality we have given ourselves, we can begin to make anew. Nobody can hold you back from seeing what you want to see. It is time to see the truth. It's gonna take time but it can be undone, and it will be undone. To move on with this post, I want to redirect you here to read about Nostradamus' words on "The King of Terror" none other than.....well, you know. I wish I could let you all into my mind and the things that stir in there but I think if I went on about all those things, you'd be a bit frazzled. No matter what anyone says, I know, in my heart, that there is a divine force pushing me to think and imagine. As I said in a previous post, I was being guided by my faith and my trust and I still strongly feel that way. According to Nostradamus, the second coming of Christ is upon us. It's not in the future my friends, it's NOW. Don't expect to see Him in the flesh. He isn't here as Himself. He's here through another. Another who is going to bring the peace to us. I am so excited about the future and I really hope you all are too.