Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Love My Guy!

After having such a terrible week (or should I say so far a terrible month) I woke this morning to my love giving the kids breakfast and two beautiful bouquets of flowers! Noah is just the sweetest guy in the whole world and he always knows how to brighten my day. I was totally not expecting anything like this but he surprised me once again. It's funny how well he knows me too! he knew just what flowers to buy to make me a squishy inside! Lol. The first bouquet was a dozen beautiful roses. My favorite! The second bouquet was a dozen gorgeous and sweet smelling stargazer lilies! They smell like Heaven! The entire kitchen smells like these beauties! I decided I'd just mix the two together in a vase to fill it out and take up less space and it just looks soooo amazing. So very amazing that I decided to post pictures! I smile every time I walk into the kitchen. He knows how to keep me in the ups, that's for sure.