Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi everyone! So I definitely had a productive weekend. I spent a good majority of the day snuggled up in my craft room. Inking and painting and sanding and all that other yummy stuff we love to do. I bought this little shelf thing (not really sure what it is) at the Salvation Army a while back ago, knowing I could do something with it. It has sat in my craft room for quite some time until I got a spark of creativity and went to town on it. I decided I wanted to turn it into something similar to a shrine. Not actually a shrine, but something similar. You get it. Right? Anyway, I got an idea so I went with it. I used some pictures out of a vintage Vatican painting book and made that my main focus. All the rest emerged from there. So in my opinion, it's a faith derived piece. Something meaningful. I plan to hang it in my livingroom and put a candle and some other little knick-knack on it. Maybe a Virgin Mary statue or something. Anyway, here it is. Plenty of mixed-media here.