Saturday, November 15, 2008

Apparently I Bother Some

So I got an e-mail this morning from a "group" member who said this about my post on Bush and all that stuff:

"I went to your blog hoping to see something inspiring and was greeted with a diatribe about Bush being the AntiChrist. Funny...we've been saying the same thing all along about Obama.
I won't be visiting again."

Well, the situation with this is merely personal opinion. If you're so bothered by my opinion on George Bush, then just don't read those posts. If all you care about is the artistic side of me, then only read those posts. And another thing, if you're mad at me about saying Bush is the anti-Christ, and you're offended by it, then shouldn't I be offended that you consider the man I trust, Obama, as the anti-Christ? Aren't you just contradicting yourself? Regardless of what anyone says, this is my blog. This is where I say what I want. This is where I post my thoughts and art and whatever else it is that I feel like posting. Right? Okay, if I'm not calling you up and nagging in your ear about my beliefs, then what are you so worried about? I'm going to quote myself here okay? :

"I know there are people who believe he is a good man with good intentions and I am not trying to take anyone's faith away, as I would hope you would try not to rob me of mine."

Am I being horribly harsh here? I'm telling you to take no offense to what I am saying. I'm stating my opinion on MY blog and that's the jest of it. I'm not coming to your site and ranting about it am I? And I could, but that would just be disrespectful. I like to hear anyone's opinion, even if it doesn't relate to mine. And I'm not the type who would tell you that you are wrong. It's YOUR thoughts and they belong to you. I respect that. So if you're going to come here and get upset about MY thoughts, then just don't come. I don't know what else to say. My art is completely separate from my opinions and if I'm offering you to come look at my art, then just look at my art. Nobody said you have to read through my other posts. Especially if they're not to your liking. So if there has been anybody to take offense to my political and spiritual opinions, then all I can say is, sorry you feel that way. I'm not chastising you for yours. Have a great day everyone.


Anonymous said...

It makes me so mad - I am hearing ths more and more, that people are getting nasty comments on their blogs. It seems to be happeninng alo and I am so sorry to hear that someone did that to you.

Debra Mc said...

You go, girl!