Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video Blogging

Soon enough here, when I get my craft room cleaned up a bit (God only knows it's a flippin' mess right now) I plan to do some video blogging. Tutorials, informative whatnot, and probably just me being a jibber jabberer. Just another little blah-de-blah to add to all my others. A fellow digiscrap internet friend of mine, Shella, asked me if I would take requests for tutorials. Umm....I guess I can say I would, except, if I don't know exactly how to do what's being requested, then I probably won't be of any help. So you can request and I'll try to make whatever it is you're asking for, but if I can't I'll let you know. I'm no expert that's for sure. Anyway, I'll be going now. Just wanted to fill you in on what the happs are. Asta.