Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Political Or Just Hopeful? Nostredame Tells My Tale.

Politics. Yada yada yada right? I am not the one in the know, or keeping tabs on stock market, or the wide spread council meetings. I am however, a concerned American, in America, thinking not only for my family and myself, but for all the other American people. Logically we would choose a leader for reasons of greater success for our lives and this country. In reality, it's a popularity contest that's leaning on the edge of disaster. I am an avid believer in prophets and all of their inner thoughts and visions. Michel de Nostredame, being my main link to prophecies, has envisioned not only minuscule events, but HUGE, wide spread, global catastrophes. We're not talking about his prophecy about Elvis Presley's death, or the nuptials of Princess Diana and Prince Charles (which he did call out to, by the way) but I'm talking about World War I, World War II, and hey....even our current situation, which nobody will "admittedly" call World War III. Yes, the prophecy states there will be fire in the skies and so on and so forth, I don't want to bore those who aren't interested in the actual literature. Michel de Nostredame, or as most know him as Nostradamus, pours out information you couldn't have even dreamed of. Most notably, in my opinion, is the heavy word "Anti-Christ". He gave exacts as to who the first anti-Christ would be, and was beyond correct. Napoleon Bonaparte. No denying that. Second, you know all too well, Adolf Hitler....and last but not least, the third anti-Christ. The one we aren't sure of yet. Nostradamus declared the name of this up and comer. I'm not saying it is the bold faced, mother given name but it is a name that will soon connect him to this disgust we live in. Erika Cheetham, who wrote the book Prophecies of Nostradamus knows that ‘MAIN' is the name of the third Antichrist. When we turn to quatrain II.28, she says Nostradamus gives the syllables han and da being in the spelling of the name of the third Antichrist. Syllable Han with syllable Da is Handa, which is clearly more than an approximation. The French word main is Hands. "Handa"= Hands, "Hands" is the apparent name of the third anti-Christ. Nostradamus gives the exact name of the Antichrist, "HANDS" three times. Where that leads us, I have yet to follow. He does state one other thing, the third will wear that of a blue cap. Do you know anybody that wears a blue cap....often?? I think I do. In my unknowing opinion, it's hard not to point my finger toward our President. The sickness, the slaughter. It's like a never ending trail of blood. If it's becoming a problem to the problem-less, then maybe something needs to be done. I stand tall for my choice in leader of this country. Barack Obama is the only one I can push for. All opinions respected but mine is mine and I have more spiritual faith in him than anything else. I feel that God is speaking out in him. He is the only one I could proudly choose. I believe that it's a person's right to feel what they want about whomever they want. I know what I feel about this. Faith in its definitive label means firm belief in something for which there is no proof. Complete trust. I'm being guided by my faith and this is who I trust. I am hopeful.


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