Saturday, October 18, 2008

Creative Spurt or Lack Thereof??

Have you ever had a huge spurt of creativity and then you run into your creative space and it looks like a bulldozer came and threw everything around and then you decide that your creative spurt isn't worth the time and energy put into undoing the bulldozer's destruction? Yeah, that's where I stand right now. Just because the rest of the house is clean doesn't mean my little area is. I should take a picture and show you but then again, I don't want you to see the severity of it. Lol. No actually it's not that bad, it just needs some tidying up. I went on a rampage and made a whole bunch of stuff one night when I was feeling frisky and now my craft desk is covered with bottles of paint, alcohol inks, stamps, scraps of paper, and of course embossing powder. Thank God for the "Tidy Tray" I just got because those damn powders seem to get everywhere when I get my hands on them. This tray will eliminate that hopefully. So then on the floor I have more stamps strewn about and my handy dandy scrap tray that's full of my scrap pieces of paper. Usually the ones I refuse to throw away like fancy patterned paper and sheet music. So that's down there. Then on my other desk (yes I have two desks, shush) I have more papers...this time mostly computer paper and notepads..along with some mail and other crap I don't need. And of course, I have my many bags of unopened supplies that are waiting to leave the bag they were bought in. I'm a supply junkie! Ugh! It's always fun pulling the stuff out and using it, it's just the putting away process that gets me. And damnit it gets me good. I can't create ANYTHING with a messy desk so that's why I've yet to go in there. But I do stand in the doorway and look it up and down for like 5 minutes at a time, telling myself that I will do this TODAY! And then today goes by and it's tomorrow and then tomorrow I say I will do this TODAY! And then by the time I know it, it's next week and I'm still talking to myself and I haven't gotten anywhere. Sooooo, I'm gonna say I will do it today, but I probably won't. I need a little bit of peace and a lotta bit of sanity. Anybody got some I could borrow?


Lori said...

I totally have none to spare. SOrry girl ;P